Februrary Project : In which I plan to take 28 pictures

1. You

There are lots of projects out there; project 365, project 52, I'm doing a February project.  I'll take 28 pictures, each picture fulfilling a different requirement.

2. The view out your window - 

I am excited about this project.  I'll take picture of things I don't normally focus on and I'll get to see my world a little differently - maybe it will help you see your world a little differently too.  Maybe this could be more than just an exercise, maybe it could be a time of rejoicing in God's grace, evidenced by the little, unnoticed things in our lives.

 3. Passion

I'll try to post my challenge pictures once a week.  Would you follow along, commenting about something your grateful for - something you don't usually notice? I'd love it if you would!

 4. Something you ate

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