Anderson Japanese Gardens

I  had never visited the Anderson Japanese Gardens before but last Thursday we took a surprise trip out to Rockford for my little sister's birthday and it was the first stop on the list. They were beautiful!  Our entire family (which includes four guys) enjoyed strolling along the paths, feeding the coy, and discovering the different areas of the gardens.

Of course, my photographer's eye was happy with all the beauty and I'd love to go back some day to enjoy it all again!

Before we started out we were given a map to make our way around the twelve acres of garden

This is one of their wedding venues 


Araceli : Portrait Session // Freeport, IL

Dynamic, energetic, sweet, darling, fun, and cheerful are all words that describe my sweet little Araceli. (Well, she's not actually mine but if she was for the taking I'd take. :)  I get to help watch this little pumpkin during the week when her folks are at work and it's such a blessing.  Her sweet spirit, child love, desire to please, and fun personality make her a delight!  Without further ado, here are some photos from a shoot I did with her recently . . . 

"Can I see my upside down smile?" she asked, after she turned her head to the side for this photo.

I'm really not sure what this was about but it makes me think of opera. :)

I love you, sweet girl!


A Friend : Portrait Session // Freeport, IL

She came with her family to visit the speech and debate club I was part of, from there on out it is history. Our families became friends, they joined the speech and debate club, and eventually joined our church.  For two(ish) years now I've know this sweet young lady (who you may remember seeing here).  Over at our house we say she's a gem - 'cause it's true.  Her love for the Lord and her desire to live for him is such a sweet  testimony and inspiration.  She is a loving and thoughtful friend . . .  I'm blessed to know you dear. :) Thank you for the time last August to do a photo shoot with you!


Hide Me

This is a photo from a shoot I just did.  I'll be posting more pictures soon but for now this is one of my favorites.

"Keep me as the apple of your eye;
    hide me in the shadow of your wings."
Psalm 17:8

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