Portraits Session Revealed

I had been hoping for some gorgeous dreamy evening light for my session with this sweet friend, but instead it threatened rain. We decided to go ahead and do the shoot anyway and reconvene again later for our lovely sunset evening.  A blessing in disguise?  You could say that, because instead of one photo shoot with this young lady, I now get two!

Laughter is beautiful!

Those who are friends of  this country gal know that she loves to read.  So, what could make a more appropriate prop for our shoot then a stack of books?

I like the combination of the far off gaze softened by the black and white.  What do you think?

Thank you, dear, for the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you and for being such a trooper -  posing so nicely despite all the wet surfaces!:)


Portrait Session Preview

She volunteered to do a photo shoot with me "sometime" and last Wednesday just happened to be that "sometime."    

Come back soon for more!


In the works . . .

One of my current projects is setting up a website for As One Voice (my family's singing group).  Part of that project includes pictures, pictures, pictures!  (I rather like that part of the project. :)  I'm hoping to take the family out for a photo shoot soon but for now I'm posting a photo I snapped last night at the park our family was singing at.



This photo is just begging for a caption . . . something like . . .

  Nikon: the only way!

But I wouldn't want to say that, lest all my dear Canon friends are listening ;) . . . and because I'm rather willing to concede that Nikon isn't the only way, it's just a great way (in my rather biased opinion).
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