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Walk for Life : Slide Show

Over at our local pregnancy center we've been working hard to put together a slide show of pictures and video footage of this year's Walk for Life as a thank you to our supporters. Almost all of the photos are taken by me except for a few by the sweet Emily Giasson and the video footage is done by my brother.

Click here to watch the slide show!

Friday Favorites

Hey there ya'll!  It's a rainy fall day up here in Northern IL but I've decided to make a little sunshine but listing 6 things I'm grateful for here on the world wide web.  Let's get started (and I'm not listing them in any particular order, well actually I take that back, I'm listing them in the order I want to which happens through a process I won't be explaining :).

1. Google maps - have you ever thought what life would be like without Google maps?

2. How this thing called the world wide web let's us keep up with friends far away.

3. Words of inspiration, wisdom, and humor (yes, that was really three things ;)

4. This site offering healthy products for less

5. Recipes

6. A fall photo shoot on Monday (which relates to the web because the web offers inspiration and I'll hopefully be posting the shoot here!)

What on or about the web is making you smile today?


Our Family : Family Portaits

Dear Aunt Darla ~

Thank you so much for coming up last month to visit us all.  Thanks for helping us make more good memories, for loving us all so much, for taking some of our love back home to your wonderful husband that we miss!  Thank you for pictures together.

We love you!
     ~ Moriah

When we went to the park to take pictures of us together my father and older brother were both working but we snapped some with them later.

 After group pictures, it was time for everyone to get their picture taken with Aunt Darla individually.


Right as we were loading into our van to head off, I asked Aunt Darla to snap a picture of my little sister and I together.  I'm so glad she did!  Thank you!! I love this photo.

(For all of you wondering, yes, she is taller than me:)

As for those later photos, the ones everyone was around for, here they are.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who helped take all these pictures!
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