Outtakes and Extras

I've been taking a lot of photos lately as I've worked away at the 30 day photo challenge I posted about on Tuesday.  I thought it might be fun to share some extras and outtakes with ya'll.

I love how these photos turned out.  The white on white was something I'd never purposed to do before and I think it turned out giving an interesting element.

I think selfies can definitely be some of the most awkward pictures to take (anyone with me on this one?) and for some reason challenges ALWAYS require them.  I think this actually turned out to be a good learning experience though. :)

For some reason selfies can make me want to be goofy.

He just happened to be around when I was talking pictures.  Cute little guy, hu?

We're sisters. We share a family, a room, even a bed, it's great.  We don't look alike (I know:) and we have two very different personalities.  I like deep, rich, classic colors.  She likes bright, bold, playful colors.  I love pasta she almost hates it. Somehow it all works out though.  In fact, it does more than just work out.  She's my little sister and I'm loving watching her grow up.  I think she is hilarious.  She makes the BEST faces EVER.  I only hope I can be half the older sister I would like to be to this super, special girl!

It's a post full of outtakes and extras.  Pictures that didn't make the cut but they still tell stories and capture hearts.  The quality of an image is what you make it, the same is true of each moment in life.

Happy Friday, y'all!

February Challenge Moved!

Personal challenges can be fun but it's my opinion that the fun is multiplied when experienced with others.  For my February photo challenge, I've decided to join up with Hannah of www.hannahscamera.com who is currently doing a 30 day photo challenge!  I know she'd love it if you'd follow along as she daily posts her and another photographer's work and be sure to visit regularly so you catch the posts with all the extra participant's work (that's where you'll see me!:).

To give you a taste of what to expect, here is my entry for "What You Wore Today!"

Red, White, and blue!

On Curly Hair and Being A Photographer : Personal

I really wanted curly hair.  My friends had talked all about this curly girl thing.  I read the book.  I  researched and researched ('cause I love research).   I tried the methods I listened to the experts and somehow success just wasn't meant to be mine.  Greasy hair, crunchy hair, those things I could achieve but gorgeous curls, they weren't happening.  Years later I looked in the mirror.  "When did I get this curly hair I'd dreamed of?"  I wondered. 

"Is your hair naturally curly?"  It's the question every girl dreaming of curls is wishing she could hear.  It's a question I hear now but not one I used to (believe me:).

I worked so hard to have curly hair but my curls weren't achieved in an instant or even in the 6-8 weeks the experts promised.  My curls were achieved through time, consistence, and finding my own rhythm.  Believe it or not, everyday still isn't a perfect hair day for this curly girl.  Some days my hair is just sad.

I think it sounds a lot like photography.  I can read the articles and research, research, research.  I can listen to the experts and try to copy them but I won't be a good photographer until I spend time just clicking the shutter, until I forget a few of the rules and find a rhythm.

I kind of forgot about my perfect curls obsession and it was somewhere in the forgetting that I got those curls.  Maybe it's somewhere in the forgetting of the perfect photographer that we start to really craft our art!

5-9 : In which I take more picture for February

5. Words

I love this card.  It's from a supper special friend.  It's black ink on paper making gentle imprints on my heart.  Ink and paper, sometimes that creates words sometimes it creates pictures.  This week, I decided to add my own twist to the challenge.  Each picture is in black and white.

 6. Looking Up : the light at the end of the tunnel 

 7. Friendship

One thing about a challenge like this is that it's more about taking the picture, getting the camera out, clicking the shutter, than it is about having your own fancy mini photo shoot everyday.  I wanted to have my friendship picture be fun sibling interaction but that wasn't happening folks!  So, instead it's our dogs who happen to hang out together quite a bit.

 8. Hands 

9. Inside your junk drawer : (So,  I don't exactly have a junk drawer. I guess this will have to do.:)

Happy Friday, ya'll!

Sarah : A Mini Portrait Session

Six years ago this family with half a dozen kids or so visited our church.  The had a daughter around my age.  She was short like me and had dark hair.  We both sported a deplorable lack of style but of course we didn't know that then.  Our family had them over for dinner. 

Turns out we're actually only one day apart.  We're both oldest daughters.  We both sew and we both want someday-families.  Well, the years ticked by and we grew up.  I think it was somewhere around when we were seventeen that life pushed us along a similar path and our Sunday morning greetings and chats about sewing turned into a friendship that looked like it could just last the test of years.

Sarah is one of those delightful individuals whom everybody loves.   She has a contagious laugh and is most always willing to have fun.  She is a wonderful friend with a heart of compassion.  She loves to be there for her friends and family - and they love to have her!

Sarah is a bonafide Kate Middleton fan.  She loves all things vintage and prefers her coffee cold.  Someday she's going to go to London, maybe tour Europe, but I think she knows she can't go without me (right?). :) 

Sarah, thank you for being my friend.  I love you so much!!!!

Februrary Project : In which I plan to take 28 pictures

1. You

There are lots of projects out there; project 365, project 52, I'm doing a February project.  I'll take 28 pictures, each picture fulfilling a different requirement.

2. The view out your window - 

I am excited about this project.  I'll take picture of things I don't normally focus on and I'll get to see my world a little differently - maybe it will help you see your world a little differently too.  Maybe this could be more than just an exercise, maybe it could be a time of rejoicing in God's grace, evidenced by the little, unnoticed things in our lives.

 3. Passion

I'll try to post my challenge pictures once a week.  Would you follow along, commenting about something your grateful for - something you don't usually notice? I'd love it if you would!

 4. Something you ate
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