5-9 : In which I take more picture for February

5. Words

I love this card.  It's from a supper special friend.  It's black ink on paper making gentle imprints on my heart.  Ink and paper, sometimes that creates words sometimes it creates pictures.  This week, I decided to add my own twist to the challenge.  Each picture is in black and white.

 6. Looking Up : the light at the end of the tunnel 

 7. Friendship

One thing about a challenge like this is that it's more about taking the picture, getting the camera out, clicking the shutter, than it is about having your own fancy mini photo shoot everyday.  I wanted to have my friendship picture be fun sibling interaction but that wasn't happening folks!  So, instead it's our dogs who happen to hang out together quite a bit.

 8. Hands 

9. Inside your junk drawer : (So,  I don't exactly have a junk drawer. I guess this will have to do.:)

Happy Friday, ya'll!

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