My name is Moriah.  I'm an Old Soul, coffee drinker (only if it contains other deliciousness like flavored creamer and sugar or hot chocolate), and an introspective thinker.

I believe in big dreams,
big purpose,
and big hope

This blog is here as a place of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for gals who love to live life to the fullest. It's for those who sometimes put too much on their plate, get excited about opportunities, and are determined to make the most out of life. It's for those who've grown weary when they didn't want to, been broken when they least expected it, and lost what they didn't think they would.  It's a place of healing because we're living in a world with a heart breaking from an ache too great to carry.

I believe in success, the power of choices, and positive thinking

I'm a wife, daughter, sister, friend, full-time Marketing Director, photographer, blogger, full time college student, and Christian. It's my mission to live life to the fullest. 

I share my life hoping it inspires you to live yours

I'm a fighter in a world of alliances. I'm a dreamer in a world without imagination. I'm a believer in a world of doubt. I'm a singer were there is no song, a giver where there is no demand, and a builder in a demolition zone. I'm a called out girl in a world that's deaf and I'm alive to share that call. I'm here to live a story of insane love.

I believe in truth, beauty and hope.
I believe in getting up when you're down.

I'm one girl out of thousands who has a story just like you do. Moriah Mari is more than just another blog it's a place of connection...and that connection extends past the online presence. So, please come visit me sometime. We can drink coffee, talk about grace, and be inspired by the world around us.

I believe that God is the source of beauty and truth and it fascinates me how we all hunger for more, maybe because we were all created for a life with Christ.

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