Hannah : In Which We Captured The Other Person

I think people are like prisms, beautifully intricate, reflecting so many different colors.  To appreciate a prism you have to hold it to the light, you have to take the time to realize it's more than just a piece of crystal - that's a lot like people, it's easy to think we're all alike.  It's easy to not be willing to take the time to see the beauty in people or learn what it is that makes them a wonderful, unique, individual.

Six years ago God brought Hannah into my life and I didn't notice her right off (other than being a bit of a rough and tumble kind of girl;).  Now I know her so much better.  I've spent hours with her family and I've come to appreciate, admire, and love this dear girl.    

Hannah is studying sign language and has even talked about becoming an interpreter.  She is an amazing cook and baker (if you have the chance, beg her to make you an Andes Mint chocolate cupcake!), she thoroughly enjoys throwing parties, and recently assisted in plotting a surprise proposal for her older sister.  She also runs her own wedding and portrait photography business.  Since we're both photographers we decided to get together and do a portrait session of each other.

It was a freezing cold day when we took pictures which created the perfect excuse for us to indulge in one of our common favorite activities - coffee at a little shop.

Hannah is sweet, caring, and genuine.  She can be so very funny at times.  She in sincere and focused and she has one of my all time favorite laughs!

Thanks for doing this photo shoot with me, Hannah!!! Love you!!!

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