A New Look!

Hey there folks, I've got a new look on here!

I was recently informed that using Google images was illegal so the old header had to go.  Along with the new header, you'll find various aspects of the blog updated and you may see a few more minor changes take place over the next few days.  Let me know what you think of the updates and for reference, here are the two headers contrasted.

The original look

The new look

Have a great day!

~ Moriah

Key To Pictures : Review

Today I'd like to tell ya'll about gal I met via cyber world, some months back, who has been very helpful to me in my journey to becoming a better photographer. Meet Katie Evans who runs a subscription based website called Key To Pictures and has authored the book "The Key To Taking Pictures Like A Professional Photographer" (as well as some e-books).  Having since signed up as a member on her site I have been so blessed by her amazing support.  She has a positive attitude, is excited about helping us, and does a great job keeping us on our toes. :)  If you are a beginning photographer I'd definitely encourage you to check her out at http://keytopicture.com/    

P.S. Watch this video review I did for her recently to hear what I have to say about her.


Photoberfest : Week 3

It's already week three in the Photoberfest challenge!  That means this month is drawing to a close and cold November will be upon us all.  What about winter are you looking forward too? Somethings that I enjoy about the winter season are being cozy inside our home, the warm glow of lamps in the evening, and eating yummy soups.

Until next time, here are some picture that I took for the challenge. :)



Black & White



Photoberfest : Week 2

So, here are some more photos that I took for this months Photoberfest challenge (where we take a picture every day that coordinates to the topic we're assigned).  I haven't been consist in the challenge but I'm hoping to catch up. :)

Sun Flare


I headed up processing 22 lbs of tomatoes into salsa


Something Red

I think this is one of my favorites from the challenge thus far. :)

Current View


Photoberfest : Week 1

I recently jumped into a challenge to take a photo a day for the month of October.  The idea came from Katie Evans of Key To Pictures and she gave us an assignment for each day of the month.  I'm enjoying the challenge thus far and thought I'd post my work here for ya'll.  Enjoy!


Someone You Love

I liked this photo for the theme because it shows the concept of "the two shall become one".  
And this is someone I love. :)


Self Portrait


Even A Child . . .

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