Outtakes and Extras

I've been taking a lot of photos lately as I've worked away at the 30 day photo challenge I posted about on Tuesday.  I thought it might be fun to share some extras and outtakes with ya'll.

I love how these photos turned out.  The white on white was something I'd never purposed to do before and I think it turned out giving an interesting element.

I think selfies can definitely be some of the most awkward pictures to take (anyone with me on this one?) and for some reason challenges ALWAYS require them.  I think this actually turned out to be a good learning experience though. :)

For some reason selfies can make me want to be goofy.

He just happened to be around when I was talking pictures.  Cute little guy, hu?

We're sisters. We share a family, a room, even a bed, it's great.  We don't look alike (I know:) and we have two very different personalities.  I like deep, rich, classic colors.  She likes bright, bold, playful colors.  I love pasta she almost hates it. Somehow it all works out though.  In fact, it does more than just work out.  She's my little sister and I'm loving watching her grow up.  I think she is hilarious.  She makes the BEST faces EVER.  I only hope I can be half the older sister I would like to be to this super, special girl!

It's a post full of outtakes and extras.  Pictures that didn't make the cut but they still tell stories and capture hearts.  The quality of an image is what you make it, the same is true of each moment in life.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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