My Sister : Portrait Session

There's lots of wonderful jobs out there (I know, I have three of them:) but I think the best part of any job is touching other people's lives.  As a photographer it's my mission to "To capture beauty.  To tell stories.  To touch hearts."  There's something rewarding about someone loving their pictures.  There's a knowledge that it's really an honor to document someone's existence, to tell their story through pictures and then also through words here on the blog.

This is my little sister. She's fun and full of personality. An expert at interjecting humor into a tense moment, she has a delightfully quirky sense of humor and she loves nothing better than a hair raising adventure. She's special for so many reason, there isn't any one thing that makes her her rather it's all the crazy, incredible, real things combined that make her the beautifully unique individual she is.  She's the girl who loves late night sleepovers and dreams of someday skydiving.  She's also the girl who is crazy about organization and is looking at graduating two years early.  She is a special young lady and I can only imagine the amazing things the Lord may see fit to do in and through her!

She has A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. eyes!!

I love you girl!

Begging To Be Beautiful

We post pictures.  We tell funny stories.  We record beauty, life, and love.  When what we're really doing is straining our eyes to see the light.

We tell the good stories but don't for a second believe there aren't bad stories too.  Don't believe there aren't days when we want to post a desperate cry, "I'm hurting so much! I need help!"  or "Just give that other person grace, they're drowning in despair!"

I take pictures of people (mostly).  When you point a camera at someone they often start feeling insecure about how they appear.

I'm passionate about beauty.  It's my soapbox.  On of my personal missions is to make everywhere I go a little bit brighter and little more beautiful.  I notice beauty.  I notice how hungry and desperate people are for beauty.   I notice how TV producers write shows about makeovers and how girls compete with outfits and makeup.  Of all the things I've noticed, I've realized that the world is begging to be beautiful.  How it's craving to be other than it is.  I've seen how we can ignore that which isn't beautiful.  How people don't always like to see pain. I've learned that painting over pain doesn't eradicate the pain.  I've learned that straining to see the light is where finding beauty begins.

People love makeovers because it's a transformation of old to glorious new.  People love happy endings because it's darkness triumphed by light.  People hate masks cause they're not genuine.

Why can't we all be more vulnerable?  Why can't you say, "That hurt" and I say, "I'm sorry."  Why in our begging for beauty do we hide from the light?

Yes, I capture beauty, it's my job.  But you can capture beauty too.  We both just have to be willing to strain our eyes to see the light!

A New Camera

I've had my Nikon D80 for two years now.  It's suited me well but it's come to that time where an upgrade is in the near future.  It's exciting and intimidating.  Where do you begin?  Should I switch brands?  Stick with Nikon?  Which Nikon do I get?  Then there's always the very helpful factor of pricing (it kind of narrows down your options:)

The camera that is currently in the running is the  . . .

Why?  It's Nikon's only FX camera under $2000. 

All you Canon lovers will just have to forgive me and any Nikon users, feedback please!!!

To all my blog readers get ready for some beautiful new images as soon as this new camera situation is figured out!

Happy Friday, ya'll!


Featuring! Series : Thank you and Recap

It was a spur of the moment idea.  I ran with it, booked my first photographer and launched a series focused on featuring "local" photographers.  It was my idea but YOU guys made it possible.  Thank you Sierra, Andrew, & Kathryn for participating in this series.  Thank you to all those who followed the series, commented, or stopped by to see what was going on.

To all my fellow photographers, keep up the good work. When the going gets tough remember your passion, remember you're not alone, and light that fire that keeps you going!

Thank you again to those who made this series a reality and if you missed any or all of the posts in this series be sure to check them out!

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Featuring! Series : Thank you and Recap

Henry : Personal

It was the fall of 2007.  My whole family, all seven of us,  where at the Stephenson County pet swap.  That's where we found Henry.  This incredibly cute puppy, who was an orphan and needed a home.  We decided to give him ours. :)  And then name him after Patrick Henry, since we had been studying that historical figure that particular year.

I'd say I'm not really a pet photographer and that's true but really, I think photographers are just photographers.  We can't help taking pictures of life and beauty, of what's around us and sometimes, that's a dog. :)

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