2013 Recap

We're now four weeks into the New Year and it's time for (an albeit late) year-end review.

Photography was a big area of growth for me this year. As you may know, in March I purchased my Nikon D80 and started a photography blog (that's this folks;). I've been blessed with the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer, do several photo shoots, see my first piece printed as art, and do some volunteer work with my photography (more on this coming soon).  It's been a good year in my photography world. :)

Let's do a little visual recap . . .

I did several shoots with his little guy.  See Maximillian at 8 weeks, and 3 months

A photo session with my sister

I remember doing this session outside when it was damp, she was a trooper. :)

I wasn't the official photographer at this wedding but I loved some of what I did get to capture.

Photo shoot with Josiah.

Recognize her?:)

I love, love, love this little girl

This was my last photo session from 2013 . . . 

Thanks to all you lovely folks who posed for my camera this past year and here's to a great 2014!

Update and a Quote

Good morning friends! A bit of an update on the quietness over here, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was planning a wedding which took place the Saturday before last.  It was beautiful and everyone working together made it an amazing success! (No, I wasn't the photographer too but I have to say I was very impressed with our photographer!)  Unfortunately, the wedding was followed by my getting quite ill but the worst of that seems to be behind me.  Thank the Lord!  I do hope to have a fun post or two for you soon but no promises. ;)

Farewell for today and come back soon!

Quote: Lamplighter Theater Production - The Robber's Cave


I love thee

I decided to make this week's Friday quote/encouragement into a 2x6 bookmark for ya'll.  So, feel free to right click on the image below and save it to your computer to print and use.  Enjoy!


Love & Legalism


Peak of Prettiness

We're less than two weeks away from a wedding over here! 

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