Sarah : A Mini Portrait Session

Six years ago this family with half a dozen kids or so visited our church.  The had a daughter around my age.  She was short like me and had dark hair.  We both sported a deplorable lack of style but of course we didn't know that then.  Our family had them over for dinner. 

Turns out we're actually only one day apart.  We're both oldest daughters.  We both sew and we both want someday-families.  Well, the years ticked by and we grew up.  I think it was somewhere around when we were seventeen that life pushed us along a similar path and our Sunday morning greetings and chats about sewing turned into a friendship that looked like it could just last the test of years.

Sarah is one of those delightful individuals whom everybody loves.   She has a contagious laugh and is most always willing to have fun.  She is a wonderful friend with a heart of compassion.  She loves to be there for her friends and family - and they love to have her!

Sarah is a bonafide Kate Middleton fan.  She loves all things vintage and prefers her coffee cold.  Someday she's going to go to London, maybe tour Europe, but I think she knows she can't go without me (right?). :) 

Sarah, thank you for being my friend.  I love you so much!!!!

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