Mrs. Shenberger, Lil' Miss, & Lil' Mister : Portrait Session : Freeport, IL

Several years ago, when I began working at our local crisis pregnancy center, I had the privilege of getting to meet this very dear lady.   I work as a receptionist, she works as a counselor.  Young girls and grandmother's alike step into the center on Thursday's just so they can have a chat with her.  Frankly, (though I'm no client there) she's one of the reasons I like stepping into the center on Thursdays. :) 

Quite, sweet, loving, and gentle yet strong, this dear lady is a gem!  I'm super happy that I had the opportunity to take some quick pictures of her and her darling grandchildren this June!



Words.  They're crazy things.  They're lines and dots and dashes but they wield more power than a king's sword.  More power because they aren't just lines and dots and dashes but someone's soul leaving a print on someone else's soul.

Fridays here on the blog are all about words and over on this Pinterest board of mine I'm all about words again . . . words that invigorate, bring laughter, touch the heart, and inspire.  Here, I'll leave you with one such word, than go check it out for yourself.



Today I'm sharing some of the "summer" photo's I've taken over the past several weeks.  The change of season is a blessing and each bring's it's own nuances and beauty to the scape of life.


A Favorite

She's one of my favorite people, this is one of my favorite selfies, it's us together.

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