Year End Review

Last year I was one month "late" with my Year End Review, this year I'm one month early - I know you're wondering if next year can be a happy medium. :) 

Well folks, it's been another year for MW-Photography.  I'm planning to dedicate two posts next month to answer questions like "Where is the blog headed?" but for today let's have a little fun and see what's happened over the past year.

Ah, yes!  Seth & Jamie - probably still one of my favorite couples ever and my first engagement shoot!  I'm so glad I was blessed with the opportunity to take these photos.

(Click on the photo to see the entire shoot - and that counts for the rest of the post. ;)

My first "commercial" photography job!

We got to capture some fabulous sweetness is this mini-shoot.

A friends photo shoot

An official blog post of informal event photography (did you catch all that formality:)

My first mini family session of the year!

A photos session with my aunt from Florida

Our local Walk For Life - my first time being the official head photographer for an event

So glad I got to do this session with my brother!

Lots of family captured at this shoot

It was a good year.  

The pros? Doing some firsts.  Working with a second shooter.  Several shoots with a 50 mm.  Opportunities to do different generas of photography.  Learning what I really need to own as a photographer.

The cons?  Not as many photo shoots as I would have liked.  

Not bad for my second year as a photographer. :)  I'm looking forward to what next year has in store!

Here's to a new and better year!

In Which We Captured Lots of Family Love : L. Family : Family Photography

We were to meet at the park for family photos.  I saw them approaching - me the girl with the camera, they the family excited for pictures.  The big sister ran out ahead, she gave me a hug, the first hug of the evening.  That's how it started.

This family is delightful. They're full of love and fresh enthusiastic energy.  The kind of energy that equals little kids bouncing around + Mama keeping said little ones in line.  What I love most about these photos are the reality of them, I love the candid smiles, the "imperfect" family photo ('cause one little kid couldn't help being goofy), the happiness . . .

This little man is older brother to three sisters.   From begging Mom to hold Baby Sister to his gently putting his arms around the little girls I'd say he likes his title as big brother.

 This was their pose folks, 100% and I love it.

This little lady has such a lovely smile and winning personality.  I could have taken her home with me and never looked back, except I'm pretty positive that would have started some kind of anarchy at our local park 'cause there is a family who I think is rather attached to this delightful little girl.

This little gal is number three in the line up, a tiny little thing full or personality.   Personality which my camera had the pleasure of capturing that day. Of course, my camera isn't the only thing capable of capturing - this little girl has completely stolen the heart of my sweet friend Emily Giasson who jumped in to second shoot for me at this session. 

This little girl has completely captured the heart of her mama and four older siblings and I'm guessing that with her big dark brown eyes, curly hair, and cute smile she just might start to melt a tiny corner of your heart too.:)

This lady loves her children and it shows.  It shows in her smile and is reflected back in four happy and trusting faces.  She's not perfect.  She hasn't had a perfect life and she'll tell you that, but that's part of the beauty  - she knows it.  She knows her own "imperfect" and has been blessed by God's "perfect".  She's been blessed by His grace and she's blessing others.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your family portraits!!

~ Moriah

Friday : Thank You

Thank you.  Yes, you - you for reading, for commenting.  Thank you for over 6000 page views and over 75 comments.  Speakers can speak, writers can write, and bloggers can blog but they're nothing without their audience.

Thank you for being my audience.  It's an honor and I don't want to forget that.

L. Family : Family Photography Preview

You may recognize this lovely family.  We collaborated once before but this time it wasn't for fifteen fleeting minutes, instead it was a warm fall evening in which we captured lots of family love.

More coming soon!

Friday's Motivation

Motivation = a push forward in a better direction.  That's not a dictionary definition but more of how I think of motivation in my life.  Motivation is when the print that words leave on your soul stirs you to action.

Sometimes I need to be motivated.  Sometimes I need that nudge, that push, that get-up-and-go but what about a get-up-and-go that slows down.  I mean, what about being motivated to still the moments and soak up life and be less busy and more intentional?  (I'm preaching to myself 100% here friends, you don't even have to listen in if you don't want too. :)  A get-up-and-go that's headed in a purposeful direction and not necessarily a do-more direction.

Purposefully slowing down isn't always easy for me but I think fall can stir that desire in me.  It can make me want to slow down and live.  Lately, I've been wanting dreary fall days so I can just curl up with something warm and slow down and enjoy.

It's another full weekend ahead but let's be inspired to not let it be just business, instead let's try to have it be purposeful and intentional, shall we?

In Which We Search For Locations And Take Pictures : Portait Photography

Last Monday, I had a photo shoot scheduled with a dear mother and her four little children . . . thus I decided to go location hunting.  I took my brother with me.

I have three brothers, one is older than me and two are younger than me.  They're all taller and stronger and bigger than I.  They're all my brothers and I love each one.  This is my second brother.

He's one of those people that everybody loves.  He is a strong person with a delightful sense of humor.  Sometimes he's just really funny but he can also be serious, serious about good things, about life . . .  about pushing himself.

He's our faithful workout coach, dish washer, and dog keeper.  He's a self motivated person.  I admire that about him.  He sets his mind to something and he keeps reaching for it.

He's a wonderfully positive person with a great smile.  He's always been an encourager.  He has the gift of believing in people. 

I'm so glad he's my brother! :)
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