Blog Relaunch: Born Running

I was born a runner. Some days I run from people, pain, memories, and fears. Some days I run towards progress, goals, others, and Jesus. I'm seeing that there's nothing wrong with being a runner; I just have to monitor my direction. I'm an 110%, all in kind of gal with a drive for perfection and a hunger for raw authenticity wrapped up in beautiful messiness. This little space on the World Wide Web has been less than perfect and all kinds of beautiful messy. I started as a hobbyist photographer and today I find myself running on in life with a desire to go in a new direction with this little space on the web.

                Dear gals [soul sisters, cravers of beauty, and lovers of insanity]

                Welcome to Moriah Mari!! It is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and healing for gals who long to live life to the fullest. It's for those who sometimes put too much on their plate, get excited about new opportunities, and desire to make the most out of life. It's for those who've grown weary when they didn't want to, been broken when they least expected it, and lost what they didn't think they would.  It's a place of healing because we're living in a world with a heart breaking from an ache too great to carry.

                What will you see here on the blog? A lot of inspiration and hope. I'm praying that every post will bring rest to your soul, whether it's a tasty new recipe, creatively inspiring photo shoot, or words tumbling out of my heart and hoping to be heard with grace by yours. I'd love to see this as a place of connection. So, please reach out, leave comments, and send e-mails.

               I'm here to live a story of insane love. Come join me!


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