Friday's Motivation

Motivation = a push forward in a better direction.  That's not a dictionary definition but more of how I think of motivation in my life.  Motivation is when the print that words leave on your soul stirs you to action.

Sometimes I need to be motivated.  Sometimes I need that nudge, that push, that get-up-and-go but what about a get-up-and-go that slows down.  I mean, what about being motivated to still the moments and soak up life and be less busy and more intentional?  (I'm preaching to myself 100% here friends, you don't even have to listen in if you don't want too. :)  A get-up-and-go that's headed in a purposeful direction and not necessarily a do-more direction.

Purposefully slowing down isn't always easy for me but I think fall can stir that desire in me.  It can make me want to slow down and live.  Lately, I've been wanting dreary fall days so I can just curl up with something warm and slow down and enjoy.

It's another full weekend ahead but let's be inspired to not let it be just business, instead let's try to have it be purposeful and intentional, shall we?

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