In the works . . .

One of my current projects is setting up a website for As One Voice (my family's singing group).  Part of that project includes pictures, pictures, pictures!  (I rather like that part of the project. :)  I'm hoping to take the family out for a photo shoot soon but for now I'm posting a photo I snapped last night at the park our family was singing at.


  1. I hope this website is going to include videos?? We've still never heard you all sing!


  2. That's a great idea!!!!
    I'll be looking forward to seeing the "As One Voice" web-site.
    be sure to include some music videos-you guys are awesome. i love how Christ centered your singing is.


  3. Kathryn Grace ~ Music videos indeed :)

    Elaine ~ We've already talked to our videographer :) . . . something should be put together soon.


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