At the park . . .

It was an impromptu thing, our photo shoot at the park, but I left with some images that capture the fun and smiles of my three younger siblings.  Meet the gang . . . 


  1. How fun!
    Love the first photo.
    These are precious years.

    send them my love,Elaine

  2. It's so nice to see their faces!! It's been too long!!!

    Nice job, Moriah!!

  3. Wow! They look older and yet the same! Cute shots - you should print some of these to frame!

  4. Elaine ~ I really like the first one too :) . . . precious years indeed.

    Tara ~ I know it girl - it has been a long time!

    Kathryn ~ Funny how that happens - older versions of their young selves . . . I guess that's what aging is. :)


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