In Which We Search For Locations And Take Pictures : Portait Photography

Last Monday, I had a photo shoot scheduled with a dear mother and her four little children . . . thus I decided to go location hunting.  I took my brother with me.

I have three brothers, one is older than me and two are younger than me.  They're all taller and stronger and bigger than I.  They're all my brothers and I love each one.  This is my second brother.

He's one of those people that everybody loves.  He is a strong person with a delightful sense of humor.  Sometimes he's just really funny but he can also be serious, serious about good things, about life . . .  about pushing himself.

He's our faithful workout coach, dish washer, and dog keeper.  He's a self motivated person.  I admire that about him.  He sets his mind to something and he keeps reaching for it.

He's a wonderfully positive person with a great smile.  He's always been an encourager.  He has the gift of believing in people. 

I'm so glad he's my brother! :)

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