Year End Review

Last year I was one month "late" with my Year End Review, this year I'm one month early - I know you're wondering if next year can be a happy medium. :) 

Well folks, it's been another year for MW-Photography.  I'm planning to dedicate two posts next month to answer questions like "Where is the blog headed?" but for today let's have a little fun and see what's happened over the past year.

Ah, yes!  Seth & Jamie - probably still one of my favorite couples ever and my first engagement shoot!  I'm so glad I was blessed with the opportunity to take these photos.

(Click on the photo to see the entire shoot - and that counts for the rest of the post. ;)

My first "commercial" photography job!

We got to capture some fabulous sweetness is this mini-shoot.

A friends photo shoot

An official blog post of informal event photography (did you catch all that formality:)

My first mini family session of the year!

A photos session with my aunt from Florida

Our local Walk For Life - my first time being the official head photographer for an event

So glad I got to do this session with my brother!

Lots of family captured at this shoot

It was a good year.  

The pros? Doing some firsts.  Working with a second shooter.  Several shoots with a 50 mm.  Opportunities to do different generas of photography.  Learning what I really need to own as a photographer.

The cons?  Not as many photo shoots as I would have liked.  

Not bad for my second year as a photographer. :)  I'm looking forward to what next year has in store!

Here's to a new and better year!

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