Welcome! It's an "Open House"!

It's here!  The new blog!  The new brand!

It's still me, Moriah.  I'm just focusing in a new direction.

On moriahmari.com my mission is to capture beauty (because I believe it's nearly everywhere, we just have to look for it), tell stories (because it's the stories I'm passionate about not simply ink on paper), and stir hearts (because touching lives is one reason why I'm here).

I love beauty because I believe that God is the source of beauty and it fascinates me how we all hunger for more beauty, maybe because we were all created for a life with Christ.

I'm really excited to see what God will do with this blog.  I'm definitely in the growing pains stage right now - no definite blog schedule (thought I hope it's weekly), still needing to purchase more equipment for the business aspect of things, and just generally at the beginning of things.

I would be absolutely delighted if you'd join me on this adventure!  Please take a few moments and look around.  For those of you who knew me at MW-Photography the old archives are still here and for those of you who are new the "Hello" tab at the top is a great place to go to get acquainted!

Thank you for stopping by!  Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new brand, as always, I love hearing form you. :)

Take care and God bless,

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed your past blog- and i'm looking forward to seeing this new onr progress ... Moriah is fun to work with and has great perspective...



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