Grace Over Perfection

Okay folks, it's time for a little dose of reality in a much too polished world of perfection. Last summer, I needed some head shots for my website. My amazing photographer met me at a local park. We were there to capture joyful, feminine, and whimsical portraits. Then, an uninvited guest showed up. Actually, it was uninvited guests (plural).

I'm allergic to mosquito bites. So, the little beasts thought they'd tell the whole world about it. Yep. Huge red swollen bites decided to grace this session. You can't tell from the photos (because my photographer and stage artist are that cool) but I had a huge bite on my face. At the moment, it wasn't what I would have considered ideal but now I love it. I love how creating a perfect presentation ran smack dab into reality.

You know why I don't like perfection? It's fake. NO ONE on earth is perfect. NOTHING on earth is perfect. When we pull out the smoke and mirrors of perfection, we wash away the need for grace. My need for grace is a megaphone of my need for Jesus. My need for grace turns into evidence of just how gracious my God is. He doesn't ask me to be perfect, instead, he covers me in his perfect righteousness. He's given me a place in his kingdom and calls me his precious daughter.

What about you? Are you ready to toss out the smoke and mirrors of perfection to embrace a need for grace and a testimony of God's goodness? From me to you - it's the most liberating truth you'll embrace.

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