Hannah (In Which the Photographer Models) : Portrait Session

This is Hannah, she's a photographer but on this day it was her turn to model.

I've talked about and shared Hannah's photo before.  The reason we indulged in another photo shoot was this new dress Hannah made (yes, she can sew beautifully too!) and the need for new head shots.  True to tradition we took the opportunity to indulge in some coffee, only we went for the cold kind this time, since it's warmer weather these day's, cold coffee is officially allowed in my book. 

It was a fine shoot with a lovely girl!  Enjoy!!


  1. The black and white one three from the bottom is my favorite! LOVE IT! <3

  2. All of the pictures are absolutely wonderful. You a beautiful person both inside and out. I am proud to be your Grandma!

  3. Very pretty! Such a cute dress too.


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