When Your World Shakes but Your Heart Heals

I sat on my bed and my whole body was shaking. I never thought I would lose this friend. I never thought this person that I cared about would desert me but they had. I remember, one day, telling God something about being deserted AND betrayed. There was horror in my heart. Did anyone know what this felt like!? Then there came this whisper to my heart that Jesus knew what it felt like. Jesus was deserted by his disciples and betrayed by his friend. Knowing, in that moment, that my horrible pain was understood gave me a sense of peace. That was years ago and it was the first time I grieved. Since that day, I have had to say goodbye too soon far too many times. We live in a society of farewells and it's part of the ache that's breaking the heart of this world. But as much as we ache we never have to do it alone. Jesus wept with the weeping and then brought life where there looked to be only death. My whole world was shaking, but my heart was starting to heal. The good news? Yours can too.

Dear sister, I don't know where you are at today or how your hurting but I do know you don't have to do it alone.

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