Over Coffee (or tea) : A New Sereis!

I like coffee with all the good stuff in it. You know maybe some hot chocolate if I'm at home or a maple carmelle (includes whipped cream, of course) from my favorite coffee shop down town. I like tea too. A delicious cup of peppermint tea or some of my favorite honeybush tea by Tazo. I do like hot drinks but they're even better accompanied with good conversation.  Those first conversations you have with a new friend or the jump-right-in-where-we-left-off kind you have with your bff, that's what this series is about. It's a sereis about hearts, the raw, and beauty.  It's the light stuff and the hard stuff. It's what we might share if we were sitting down over coffee (or tea).

To get started I'd love if you'd leave some questions for me in the comment section.  What's something you might ask me if we were sitting down to talk over hot drinks?


  1. This brings back a great memory for me, when we went out for coffee at higher grounds for the first time... I'm pretty sure we talked about weddings!;) So glad that we have gotten to make more memories! and that I've gotten to know you better! Love ya. :)

  2. Aww! That's precious. So, glad to know you too - you're a treasure. Love ya.:)

  3. If we were meeting for the first time I might ask you what are the top 5 most inportant things to you? and why?


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