My Sister : Portrait Session

There's lots of wonderful jobs out there (I know, I have three of them:) but I think the best part of any job is touching other people's lives.  As a photographer it's my mission to "To capture beauty.  To tell stories.  To touch hearts."  There's something rewarding about someone loving their pictures.  There's a knowledge that it's really an honor to document someone's existence, to tell their story through pictures and then also through words here on the blog.

This is my little sister. She's fun and full of personality. An expert at interjecting humor into a tense moment, she has a delightfully quirky sense of humor and she loves nothing better than a hair raising adventure. She's special for so many reason, there isn't any one thing that makes her her rather it's all the crazy, incredible, real things combined that make her the beautifully unique individual she is.  She's the girl who loves late night sleepovers and dreams of someday skydiving.  She's also the girl who is crazy about organization and is looking at graduating two years early.  She is a special young lady and I can only imagine the amazing things the Lord may see fit to do in and through her!

She has A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. eyes!!

I love you girl!


  1. LOVE the shots against that soft green wall! The colors and light are on point.

  2. Yikes, she is looking so grown up!!!


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