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Hey folks!  Today's it's my pleasure to introduce ya'll to Andrew, a fellow photographer and artist with a passion about more than ink on paper (I'll let him tell you about that).  I honestly don't remember when I first met Andrew but I do remember about a year ago when we both happened to be traveling to the same wedding in a van filled with photographers and videographers.  Andrew was the second shooter for that wedding and is here with us today to share a little bit more about his photography journey!  

Hello, everybody! I'm Andrew.

Five years ago I received my first camera for a birthday present, I was twelve years old and the simple little point and shoot overwhelmed me, both with happiness and with confusion. I was addicted to that camera, I always had it near me and I was constantly snapping away at things that made me happy. (That is, if I could keep the batteries charged) =) 

Soon I realized that the four little megapixels wasn’t quite enough, and I spent a little money and upgraded to a better point and shoot (with 34x zoom and all the other bells and whistles.) Unfortunately, my happiness was only very short lived because a friend of mine showed up to my house with a fancy, hot off the press, Canon DSLR. I knew from that moment on that I would not be happy unless I had one of those amazing machines. So, about a year ago I finally spent a huge amount of money and bought a Canon 50D. It is definitely not the best camera in the world, but my obsession with it, is as it was the first day I got it. I picked it up and I never have been able to put it down.

"My main photography dream is to make my photography more than just another way to make a few bucks. 
I want to create pictures that will burn deep, that will never
 go out of style and most of all 
I want my pictures to capture the real beauty of life."

I have been most inspired by the work of Jose Villa, Sam Paul Rader, and David Duchemin.  The work of those guys just drives me on, and on, and on. I hope to be as masterful as they are someday. 

You know the funny thing about this picture? Early on in my photography days I vowed never to take the typical ‘kids hanging upside down’ picture. Well, I arrived at this family’s house to take their portraits and this very picture was their #1 ‘must have.’ *growls* The moral of that story is ‘never make any promises that is out of your power to keep’ =)

Last of all I would like to say thanks to Moriah. This has been very fun and thought provoking for me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

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