Two Offical Years of Blogging : The Stats

It's March 14th, the day when I first entered the world of bloggers.  It's been an official two years folks!

I'm surprised by all the changes that have happened.  How I re-branded and started my own business.   How me and the other girl are putting our heads together on a themed shoot, how I'm running this series where I've joined up with other photographers, and how someone asked me about doing a wedding (P.S. nothing official here folks but just being asked it pretty special:).

My favorite part of this whole journey is how I started out wanting to just grow to be a good photographer for my own sake and to bless others and how today I'm getting to do that.  I'm getting to take my good friend's engagement photos and shoot images for a local non-for-profit, I'm getting to do what I dreamed of! That's such a blessing!!

I thought it would be fun to celebrate by looking at some of the most visited around here.

My most visited post this month is - Featuring Sierra = 98 page views

Most visited in the history of forever is - Hello = 415 page views

The total page views are - 9,084

No, it's not Katelyn James traffic but it's mine.  It's the footprints of all the folks who've checked out this little corner of mine on the world wide web.  It's the marks of those who are my fans and the waves of sweet passerby's.  Thanks to all of you on this journey and here's to more years of blogging!

~ Moriah

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