The Bagel I Eventualy Ate : 'Cause it's good to laugh

I got up Monday morning, too late. I dressed and then realized that the bathroom containing my hair stuff was unavailable (i.e. one of the seven of us was occupying it).  So, I took myself downstairs with unbrushed friz (fully intending to tame it later, of course).

First place I went was the kitchen.  I checked out the menu - bagels for breakfast.  Over by the oven was a partial bag of cinnamon raisin bagels.  I popped one into the oven to toast (we don't have a toaster. Having seven people makes them a little unpractical at times:).  I popped one into the oven even though I think that these particular cinnamon raisin bagels have a texture a kin to glue.  Sometimes eating is like a chore to me.  It's part of my routine so I do it.  Yes, I'm weird like that.

I settled at the kitchen table with my laptop as I waited for my bagel to get toasty.  My internal clock for my toasted bagel started ticking.  E-mails, blogs, Pinterest, and my little brother is talking to me from the kitchen.  He has a brand new bag of Everything bagels (the kind with seeds and onion pieces on them) and wants to know if I'd rather have one of this kind.

"Well, if you'd rather have my cinnamon raisin one I'll take that kind." I let him know.

"No, I don't want it but somebody else does." He informs me.

"Who" I ask (Yes, we're weird like this.  Really, can't I just say "Yes, give me a new bagel that won't remind me of glue!" No, I can't 'cause I'm not like that.)

He informs me our father would prefer my cinnamon raisin bagel so, I tell him to go ahead and give it to him and I'll take the Everything bagel.  I look back at my laptop screen and start my internal clock for my second bagel.

More blogs and Pinterest, my bagels probably getting nice and toasty at this point.  My little brother is talking to me again.

"Hey, did you think I put a bagel in the oven for you!"

"Um . . . (slight internal irritation) it's okay . . ."

"I'll put one in for you." he offers

So, I start my internal clock, again, for the third time.  This time I get the bagel!

P.S. I'll be back next Tuesday with the last installment in the Featuring! series. :)

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