Friday Favorites

Hey there ya'll!  It's a rainy fall day up here in Northern IL but I've decided to make a little sunshine but listing 6 things I'm grateful for here on the world wide web.  Let's get started (and I'm not listing them in any particular order, well actually I take that back, I'm listing them in the order I want to which happens through a process I won't be explaining :).

1. Google maps - have you ever thought what life would be like without Google maps?

2. How this thing called the world wide web let's us keep up with friends far away.

3. Words of inspiration, wisdom, and humor (yes, that was really three things ;)

4. This site offering healthy products for less

5. Recipes

6. A fall photo shoot on Monday (which relates to the web because the web offers inspiration and I'll hopefully be posting the shoot here!)

What on or about the web is making you smile today?

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