The L. Family : Portait Photography

There are families everywhere.  Families all around us.  We're used to families, so used to them that I think sometimes we forget the wonder of them.  We forget that a mom and a dad and a little one means love happened and birthed life.  We forget that parents and teens laughing around a campfire means war was waged and victory was had. 

This family is a family with battle glory.  It's that little baby girl, she's got a pretty incredible story.  She almost didn't make it into this world but there where people praying and now she's here and her family, her Mama most of all, knows it's a miracle.

We literally took  about fifteen minutes after our local Walk for Life to capture some of this lovlieness.  I'm glad we did. They're one of those families that you meet and you instantly fall in love with.  They're so genuine, so beautiful, so real.  They're a witness to God's goodness and grace.

This little girl is pretty special. :)

I'm so glad to have met you all!! You truly are a blessing!

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