The Girl I Won't Forget

"Don't forget me!" she called over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

Forget you? Forget you!? Oh, dear girl, I will never forget you! She had a plane ticket for her home on the other side of the globe and I knew I might never see her again but I also knew I'd never forget her.

To remember is to respect, it is to give value to what was. There might be an ocean between us, a culture that separates, or a memory that divides but let's never forget any of those whom we have known and shared life with. Let's be bold enough to say this relationship mattered even if it was short, or painful, or frustrating. Whatever we do, let's not forget. 

Dear Girl across the ocean, in one split second, you became a miracle in my life because you were an answer to a prayer. I grew because of you and I won't forget you.

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