My Photography "Published"!

. . . sort of. :)

For the past two years I've worked as a part time receptionist at our local pregnancy center.  Last December(ish) I joined forces with our new office director as we worked to design a brand new web-site for our center.  One of the restrictions we had as we designed, was that we could not use any images from Google (for copyright reasons).  That's how I became the photographer for this new design project and that's how my photography got "published". :)

Thank you to the staff at the Freeport Pregnancy Center for bringing me on board this project and for your faith in me as I worked on it! In particular, a big thank you to our office director who was a fantastic team leader as we faced the technology giant together. :) Thank you, to all those who gave us permission to use your picture(s) on the site, you make the center's message come alive! We're praising the Lord for the success of this project and all those who came together to make it happen.

Now, please go and check out the new site and come back here or e-mail the center and let us know what you think!

Please use discretion in viewing the written content on this site.  Not all of the material may be appropriate for every audience.


  1. That's exciting, Moriah! It's always so great to see one's work somewhere besides your own site. :-)


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