Aim & Fire Friday: Contrasting Elements

I know my Aim & Fire Firday posts have been nonexistent for the past while.  I'm sorry.  I can't promise that I'll do better but I am going to try for it.  I also want to mention that I will no longer be using strictly (maybe not at all) photos that were taken with the Nikon Collpix E995 for my Aim & Fire Friday posts.


I published this photo on here recently but wanted to bring it back for today.  You see here's something that I really love about it that I wanted to point out and that's the contrast.

First there is the daisy - so girly, delicate, and little.  Then there is the metal - cold, large, with that masculine tread.  I love how these two elements contrast: big and little, delicate and rough, and male and female (if you will).  To me, bringing together contrasting elements is one neat aspect of photography. It's certainly something that I could pay more attention to - this photo got me thinking on contrast and I hope it encourages you to look for and capture contrasting elements in an unified manner in your photography too!

Make the moments last!

~ Moriah

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