Mike & Sarah's Wedding: Revealed

When Sarah told me she was courting Mike it was easy to see her excitement.  She told me their story, how she had accidentally friended him on Facebook when her computer froze up, how he started hanging out with her family all the time, how she had purposed to guard her heart at a young age, and how Mike was the first guy she was specially attracted too.  Their story only got better as they sought to have Christ as the center of their relationship, grew closer to one another, and then one afternoon, as snow floated down from the sky above, Mike took Sarah for a walk in her family's backyard where he asked her to be his wife.

I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of Mike and Sarah on May 25th of this year.  I wasn't the official photographer (I was actually the guestbook attendant, kitchen helper, and flower girl wrangler for pictures).  This was the first wedding that my Nikon D80 accompanied me to and I'm glad we went together because even though the pictures aren't stellar, there what I'm about when it comes to photography - making precious moments last.      

Before Sarah's dad gave her away he said a few things to Mike and then asked the men to come and pray for the groom . . .

. . . and that's when one of the most precious things happened.  Sarah's little sister appeared to begin to cry and while the men prayed Sarah comforted her.  Precious!

After the bride and groom left and clean up was well under way, I slipped back into the room were the bride prepared for her wedding day and I snapped this photo . . .

. . . 'cuase it's just too precious not to be remembered!


Congratulations Mike and Sarah, may God richly bless your marriage to be a testimony of His love and grace!

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